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Frequently Asked Questions:

You're asking me to spring for a tidy sum for your tours. Couldn't I save money by
arranging passage and accommodations myself?
You could if you are willing to spend days, even weeks lining up just the flight and the hotels without
knowing what you are walking into when you get there. Since the cultures of Asian countries are
different than ours,things there are not always what they seem to be through our eyes, even after
reading guidebooks, news groups and message boards. We lift off your shoulders the aggravation
of dealing with airlines and their schedules and arranging ground transportation and
accommodations. At some destinations, we have our own drivers, and our own people vouch for the
hotels we put you in. Furthermore, our guides make sure you won't miss the most interesting sights
and activities and will protect you as much as possible against scams and con artists.
Yes, but with the expense involved, how do I know you're for real?
We've been featured in the media many times, from Howard Stern to Paula Zahn. Not once did even
those who expressed hostility to our operations ever accuse us of fraud. In a way, the straight up
character of our business actually blocked even wider exposure. "60 Minutes" investigated us in
1996 and when they could find no wrongdoing, backed away and found a chump they could pounce
on. Four years later, we got an invitation from Bill O'Reilly, but after we explained ourselves to his
producer for an hour and a half, he chickened out of his own no-spin zone.
What were these controversies all about?
"60 Minutes" was obsessed with wandering pedophiles and O'Reilly is hung up on prostitution.
Needless to say, we have nothing at all to do with the former and do not promote the latter.
Do you run sex tours?
The American Heritage dictionary defines sex tours as travel to locations where sexual services are
available to tourists. For example, prostitution under certain rules is legal in Israel and Italy.
Therefore, if our tours are sex tours, so is every religious pilgrimage to the Holy Land and
Vatican City.
I ask that question because some travel guides describe some of your destinations as
havens for international sex traffickers.
We don't know what these travel writers and their editors have been smoking, snorting, swallowing
or mainlining, but after years of doing business and walking dark alleys in these places, we have
yet to run into any traffickers. These phantoms spring from the fevered and greedy imagination of
phony human rights advocates, who like to play "Dupe the Foundation", conning six-figure grants
out of politically correct foundation managers, who after all are handing out other people's money.
(The Ford Foundation is notorious for its gullibility.) These advocates can often be spotted at
international conferences worshiping celebrities while shedding crocodile tears over the suffering
masses into their champagne glasses.
Since I am allowed only so much time off from work during certain time periods, can
you tailor your arrangements to fit my schedule?
Absolutely. Since our tour guides reside at our destinations, they are available at all times.
We offer maximum flexibility with respect to our itinerary to make the most of your available time.
What is a GRO?
GRO stands for "Guest Relation Officer."
What is a bar fine (EWR)?
A barfine (now referred to as Early Work Release "EWR")worked like this: if a guy sat at a bar and
got to talking to one of the girls behind the counter, he could ask her to leave the bar with him.
The girl had the option of saying yes or no, though the bar owner or mama-san would often
discourage refusals. Still, girls could, and did, refuse invitations by servicemen to go out on the
town. This was one aspect of the barfine which distinguished it from prostitution.

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