Norman Barabash is no longer an owner of BAO Tours
June 11th, 2009

Norman Barabash has retired. Now that he has cleared his good name in Supreme Court of New York
State he has  dropped any and all ties to Big Apple Oriental Tours by dissolving the partnership.

Big Apple Oriental Tours is  now the sole responsibility of Douglas Allen who was also cleared of any
and all wrong doing after a six year battle with the State of New York. The Courts found that we were
not engaged in anything illegal.

When traveling with us you can be sure that we are operating legally and within the rules.

We pledge that you will get  the best possible vacation for your money. Everyone is welcome to visit our
Orient and meet our people. We have historic places to visit, beautiful scenery and interesting things to
enjoy along with beautiful beeches and mountains. We have  all the tourist infrastructure you will ever

We would like to share our Orient with you. It is a great place to spend some time. Let’s go traveling.